Monday, 31 May 2010

Card for Daniel

Here's a rare type of card for me, as I don't particularly like making mens cards, I love the girly girly cutie type. I like flowers and bling, men don't always appreciate them. so have tried to make it bit more masculine but just a row od sparklies on the bottom... He's a lovely young man and appreciates someone taking time to make cards. He's gonna climb killamanjaro (probably not spelt right) and I wish him well, he's collected above and beyond his original target money and I know he'll give it his all..... Good luck Dan, love you loads ..... Made card for his dad Stewart for his birthday,just like my hubby Ivan he's a golfer so went with that theme in mind but didn't think it was very good, well I made two, the other one I made for my daughter Helen to give him, so thought i'd pop them on this post also. Just sat here lokking at some lovely blogs while Ivan is doing a great job in the garden, I let him have few mins rest with a cuppa and sent him back to finish don't know what we're going to do for rest of this bank holiday monday as the sun is nowhere to be seen, We spent a lovely day with Helen yesterday, my son and grandkids are in Oxford visiting their other Grandma for few days, hopefully they be back later. Oh well I suppose I better go tell Ivan (you're doing a grand job my love) cos it seems to have gone bit quiet out there, I've already let him have one break, signing off now to go get that whip....


  1. Hi Ann,

    Great cards. I never like to make cards for Men because I never know when to start, but yours look great.

    Love Kerry xx

  2. Great cards Ann!!

    Why do we all hate making male cards!!

    Hope Ivan did a good job with the garden Love Chanelle xx

  3. They are all great cards, and Stewart & Daniel love them, and loved that you took the time to make them. Hope Ivan did a good job of the garden. Keep him busy I say. Love Sandra x

  4. I missed this post when you put it up. These cards are wonderful, perfect for men. xx

  5. Hi I missed this post as well, blogger must have been having a 'turn'! Great mens cards, we are all in the same boat aren't we! These have come out really well K x