Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas to you all

I haven't been in blogland very much lately, Had some catching up to do, getting Christmas shopping done after being stuck indoors for which seemed like forever. Well finally got it all done, and even managed to find time to go back to work after 6 weeks off sick. Yea I know a stupid time to go back the week before Christmas, and to top it all off I've developed a terrible cough feels like my chest is gonna cave in. I think it's got to have been a customer that's passed it on, I should have stayed at home till New Year.

My phone line was out for at least 4 days and so therefore the internet too, so have been trying to get around to everyones blogs this morning, I hope I've managed to comment on each one, but if I missed anyone out I appologise.
I just wanted to say a very big

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends atCraft Den
I've already decided to make a new year resolution of more crafting and blogging. Hmmm we'll have to wait and see. I once made a resolution to not swear few years ago, but it didn't last too long as I stubbed my toe the very next morning and that put paid to that.
And now a special message to my favourite crafting sister...... Next year is going to be YOUR year. A NEW START, with plenty of YOU time. I love you very much, and I know it's not going to be easy these next few days, but you have your favourite sister very close by.
With love to everyone . Bye for now. xoxox Ann

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

And more snow

I've been blog hopping earlier and enjoyed looking at all the pictures you've been posting I thought I'd share a few photo's of our winter wonderland called Norton Lees, although it looks pretty it's all come to a standtill,and ajust listening to weather forcast looks like there's more to come, It's been a long time since we've had snow this bad, I bet Sue wonders where she's moved to,don't worry it's not like this every year, I'm glad I'm not at work, although now my sick note has run out and I'm due back to work Friday, it looks like i'll be walking, hmmmm can't wait.

I sent the old man outside earlier to clear snow away from bird feeders, they were just full of snow, I had to laugh as he went sliding down into the garden, the snow so deep it went over the top of his wellies, wish i'd taken a picture of that.... but at least the birds are able to get some nice seeds.... Ivan is now playing on the wii game of Mario galaxy, if any of you have ever met my hubby he looks a little like Mario, well, a cross between Mario and Manuelle from faulty towers..... it's that moustache that does it...

Anyway to more important things,I've been colouring in images ready for Christmas cards and I've been making a few cards for birthdays, when I can get the photo's off my mobile i'll blog them, my Daughter-in-law on friday and her mum today, hope the postman managed to deliver them ok.... I haven't seen our postie all day.

My new car is playing hide and seek in the snow at the moment,you can just see her as that neighbour passes by, but Ivan managed to get a photo before she disappears altogether..

I think some of the photo's will make some good scrapbook pages...

I hope you are all okay, and that this snow stops soon and we can all get back to that place we all love The Craft Den

Lotsalove Ann xoxox

Friday, 26 November 2010

Just a quick post...

Well here it is, MY new car, not exactly the porsche I wanted but nevertheless it's mine ALL mine. It looks better sat on my drive than here at the car dealers, not got the sticker on the front... I've not been at home since I got it,so clocking up a few miles... it's had the seal of approval from Ivan, and my kids like it too, I decided on another fiesta as I think they're so easy to drive, and although I was very sad to see my other car go (Freddie the Fiesta) this one is a little more powerful, I always called him Freddie as the man who sold him to me is called Fred..... original eh... he had a stroke and can't drive anymore, so it was a stroke of luck for me.... oh dear what a bad pun. I'm fond of giving cars a name, and this one is called Freda... I will bring her to The Craft den soon, not sure about parking her on drive (some of you may understand that one) !!!!!!! least said, the better...

Friday, 12 November 2010

Birthday wishes

Here are the cards I got for my birthday and a picture my Grandson Owen painted for me, This is my third attempt at this post, so hopefully it will work this time. The first picture from left to right cards from Sue, Jill, Sarah and Ann. Second picture again left to right two cards from my sister Sandra and a card from Chanelle, Third picture card from Kerry, all lovely ladies from The Craft den .The fourth picture I'm sure you can tell it's a firework scene, all that lovely coloured glitter, oh dear made my husband cringe, he doesn't like glitter but seeing it's from Owen he propped it up for a photo shoot....

I'm also hoping that the last picture appears on this post as on my last attempt it didn't on the preview . It's a photo of Owen and Dylan on holiday, Dylan 3 on the left and Owen 5 on the right. Well here goes i'm going to attempt uploading these pictures.... fingers crossed... and toes...
Once again Thank you for all the lovely birthday cards, I love them all.... each one is unique and they will be saved along with all my other precious cards, paintings etc....

Monday, 1 November 2010


On the lookout for a new car, I'd like one of these

Oh dear....... It seems like i've lost my beloved green fiesta in a collision with an idiot male driver, still not heard if it's off life support so am assuming it's a gonna...
. At least everyone involved was ok, no injuries to anyone. It was a hair-raising ordeal, and i'm not quite over it yet, in fact i'm a nervous wreck. I've got a hire car, but it's just adding to my nervousness as it's a NEW corsa, although I learnt in a corsa, this one has so many new fangled gadgets I'm still getting used to them all.

I know that some of my lovely friends at Craft Den heard about the accident,and were concerned, so i thought i'd let you all know both my dear sister and me are ok. I just hope i've not put her off going in a car with me, we'll soon see on Wednesday when she phones me to say, (I'll see ya at Craft Den i'm catchin the bus)

Sandra was holding on to my craft box containing my scissors , craft knife, pokey tool, etc. and when we hit the other car with (did I mention it was an idiot MALE driver) the lid of the box flew off and crafting tools went everywhere. Also the small syringe that i use for the silicon glue was just laying on the floor, and with the police attending i suppose i was lucky i wasn't arrested for having drugs in the car, lol. Another lucky thing for me was it was attended by an ex traffic cop, and he was very keen, he soon spotted the other driver (MALE) had bald tyres, and think he gonna get done now for that as well as careless driving. Even though the police at the time said it was clear it wasn't my fault, until it was all sorted, I had to be cautioned, I felt like I was in an episode of The Bill, apparently I had the right to remain silent, Yea right, just try keeping me quiet eh.... Don't all answer that at once.

Well what with work last week, and now this accident, I've not had a good time, so crafting is the best therapy a girl could have, trouble is.... I have to be at work soon so i'm not going to get any crafting done today.....

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Wot a week

My god it's been the week from Hell at work, we've literally been working on a building site, I wish i'd been allowed to take pictures for proof.

Once we finished last Sunday the builders came straight in and demolished the inside of the shop, by Tuesday they'd only got 4 rows of shelving in. We thought we'd be going in and getting the shelves re-stocked easily but it's been a nightmare. Give me back my checkout anyday, I now have nothing but admiration for our shelf fillers, I will never again imagine it's an easy task to open a few boxes and put contents in their rightful place........... Oh no not a chance.

Everything, yes everything has moved. Our regular shoppers will not recognise it. but bit by bit we've got it all back on. I just hope not many customers ask me where things are. I think it's a miracle it's going to be finished, but I think it will be, the Store Manager says it's opening Monday at 8 am no matter what, so I think it'll be done. It's been a mammoth task but all hands were on deck I feel quite proud of what we've achieved.

Well I've got a day off at last, and I'm off to spend it with my little Grandsons. and next week i'm gonna spend some time crafting.... Oh yes....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Sunny Blackpool

We've just spent a couple days in Blackpool, and it's rained most of the time, wasn't fit for much apart from going down to the boozer and having few pints..... It was one step forward and three back.... Although this is not a photo we took, it's quite apt... we decided we'd had enough and came back a day early, well at least I can spend time doing some crafting eh...... Since we've been back home the sun has come out and alls right with the world.. Blackpool is not one of my favourite places, but we had some vouchers for Barcelo Hotels needed using and my beloved Ivan thought it be nice to go to the seaside. Oh well his heart's in the right place...... We stuffed our faces with full cooked breakfast and chucked our stuff in the car and came back to Sheffield.... We still off work so no worries, we off to Cambridge on Friday and we've checked weather forcast and it looks good, so hopefully holiday not ruined completely. Back to my favourite place on Thursday for scrapbooking at The Craft Den see ya then xoxo Ann