Thursday, 27 May 2010

My ATC and kids artwork

The top image is my ATC, our lovely Lynne at shamed me into making it, It's only my second attempt, I enjoyed making it and look forward to having another go next month...... so thanks Lynne for the gentle push. My little grandson Dylan helped me make one similar for his Mum, he said it was going on the fridge at home, which got me to thinking perhaps i should show the artwork my Grandsons have made for me, the second is known as Owen's masterpiece he made it when he was 2 he's now nearly 5 The last image is Dylan's Flower, isn't it lovely when they give you something they've made themselves. I shall treasure them forever. Some of the images are not brilliant as they've only been taken on my phone but I thought it would be nice to share them with you.


  1. I love your ATC, very original and lovely colours and it looks even better in the flesh, I have seen it tonight. The masterpieces are great aren't they?! love the sequins and flowers. K x

  2. Great ATC Ann! Lovely colours - I have never ever made one!!! Love Kerry xx

  3. Well done Ann!! Hope you will be joining the next one "Shoes"

    Colours are far better in the flesh.
    Dylan is very creative!! Hope your not spoiling any of his materpieces!!!! lol

    Love Chanelle xx

  4. Thank you for joing in this month with the Craft Den ATC swap. I agree you ATC does look better in the flesh the blue combo and flowers are gorgeous.

    I love Dylans masterpieces, he obviously is very creative like his Grandma. Have a great weekend Ann see you next week. Lynne xx

  5. Beautiful ATC sis. It is more beautiful in the flesh. Dylan's little flower is fantastic, and cute, just like him. Love Sandra x