Monday, 31 May 2010

Card for Daniel

Here's a rare type of card for me, as I don't particularly like making mens cards, I love the girly girly cutie type. I like flowers and bling, men don't always appreciate them. so have tried to make it bit more masculine but just a row od sparklies on the bottom... He's a lovely young man and appreciates someone taking time to make cards. He's gonna climb killamanjaro (probably not spelt right) and I wish him well, he's collected above and beyond his original target money and I know he'll give it his all..... Good luck Dan, love you loads ..... Made card for his dad Stewart for his birthday,just like my hubby Ivan he's a golfer so went with that theme in mind but didn't think it was very good, well I made two, the other one I made for my daughter Helen to give him, so thought i'd pop them on this post also. Just sat here lokking at some lovely blogs while Ivan is doing a great job in the garden, I let him have few mins rest with a cuppa and sent him back to finish don't know what we're going to do for rest of this bank holiday monday as the sun is nowhere to be seen, We spent a lovely day with Helen yesterday, my son and grandkids are in Oxford visiting their other Grandma for few days, hopefully they be back later. Oh well I suppose I better go tell Ivan (you're doing a grand job my love) cos it seems to have gone bit quiet out there, I've already let him have one break, signing off now to go get that whip....

Thursday, 27 May 2010

My ATC and kids artwork

The top image is my ATC, our lovely Lynne at shamed me into making it, It's only my second attempt, I enjoyed making it and look forward to having another go next month...... so thanks Lynne for the gentle push. My little grandson Dylan helped me make one similar for his Mum, he said it was going on the fridge at home, which got me to thinking perhaps i should show the artwork my Grandsons have made for me, the second is known as Owen's masterpiece he made it when he was 2 he's now nearly 5 The last image is Dylan's Flower, isn't it lovely when they give you something they've made themselves. I shall treasure them forever. Some of the images are not brilliant as they've only been taken on my phone but I thought it would be nice to share them with you.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

New laptop Do you like it.

I've finally got my new laptop up and running, well I should say I'm trying to get to grips with it. It's very different to my old one.( That... nearly got thrown through the window) as soon as it got fired up, it crashed, without even doing anything. Hopefully i can get down to some blogging, oooh it's got very nice keys, I still need some lessons on it for quite a few things, at the moment i'm using google chrome to get onto internet instead of usual internet explorer, I could do with my daughter Helen's boyfriend Charlie to help me he works with computers,how does he do that without slitting his wrists, but hey i'm trying, yea yea I know i'm very trying,most people tell me so... i'm struggling a little to look at blogs as every time i click off one to go to another I have to go back to dashboard as it doesn't work same as old dell laptop. He's been wiped clean and restored by Charlie for Ivan my hubby to use. He works nights and has just gone to bed, poor thing in all this heat, so i'm trying to do this without any help at all with usb's etc.. Woah even uploading pics from my phone is different. I'm never going to be a computer wizard, so please be patient with me, while I learn more, Think it's time to invtite Charlie to tea, I've got to get ready for a trip to Meadowhell with Helen, need to get an outfit for nephews wedding in few weeks time, been putting it off as hoped to lose some weight first, haha haha haha haha, oh dear now i'm having fits of laughter as nnot only have i not lost weight, i think i've gained few more pounds.......... oh well i'm sure we can fit some chocolate therapy in the day. Anyway, i may surprise you and put another blog on either later or tomorrow.. lol As my last laptop was at one time loving called Dell after Delboy in fools and horses,plus a few other un-repeatable names . X*****X this one is called Tosh, yea it's just short for Toshiba.. Hope to see ya all soon,