Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Sunny Blackpool

We've just spent a couple days in Blackpool, and it's rained most of the time, wasn't fit for much apart from going down to the boozer and having few pints..... It was one step forward and three back.... Although this is not a photo we took, it's quite apt... we decided we'd had enough and came back a day early, well at least I can spend time doing some crafting eh...... Since we've been back home the sun has come out and alls right with the world.. Blackpool is not one of my favourite places, but we had some vouchers for Barcelo Hotels needed using and my beloved Ivan thought it be nice to go to the seaside. Oh well his heart's in the right place...... We stuffed our faces with full cooked breakfast and chucked our stuff in the car and came back to Sheffield.... We still off work so no worries, we off to Cambridge on Friday and we've checked weather forcast and it looks good, so hopefully holiday not ruined completely. Back to my favourite place on Thursday for scrapbooking at The Craft Den see ya then xoxo Ann