Sunday, 24 October 2010

Wot a week

My god it's been the week from Hell at work, we've literally been working on a building site, I wish i'd been allowed to take pictures for proof.

Once we finished last Sunday the builders came straight in and demolished the inside of the shop, by Tuesday they'd only got 4 rows of shelving in. We thought we'd be going in and getting the shelves re-stocked easily but it's been a nightmare. Give me back my checkout anyday, I now have nothing but admiration for our shelf fillers, I will never again imagine it's an easy task to open a few boxes and put contents in their rightful place........... Oh no not a chance.

Everything, yes everything has moved. Our regular shoppers will not recognise it. but bit by bit we've got it all back on. I just hope not many customers ask me where things are. I think it's a miracle it's going to be finished, but I think it will be, the Store Manager says it's opening Monday at 8 am no matter what, so I think it'll be done. It's been a mammoth task but all hands were on deck I feel quite proud of what we've achieved.

Well I've got a day off at last, and I'm off to spend it with my little Grandsons. and next week i'm gonna spend some time crafting.... Oh yes....