Sunday, 15 August 2010


This is the layout from Thursday nights scrapbooking class over with Lynne and Co at The Craft Den Was another enjoyable evening, This is a definite first for me to blog three times in a week. I forgot to take my photo's with me, which is not the best idea when scrapbooking, but when i got home i found some photo's i think go nicely with the lovely papers, I'm not sure what they are called,but I just love the colours.... and the flower is made up from 6 hearts. I've just added a couple of pins with extra beads ... and extra spots between the pics....
This photo was taken a few years ago at Chatsworth, my cousin Damaris came over from Canada and she loves Derbyshire, she is the one with long dark hair on the far end on the 3rd photo along, she's a lovely lady, a devout christian who would do anything for anyone. We don't get to see our cousins from Vancouver Island very often so it's a time when all the family get together,
although thats not all of us on these photo's.From left to right on the 3rd photo, is.......
Brother-in-law Malcolm, Me, My beloved Ivan, Cousin John, Stewart, Amy on the fence, My eldest sister Pauline, My little sister(who towers above the rest of us) Sandra, Daniel, And Damaris.... don't we just look a Motely Crew.... .

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Pressed wrong button and just published heading, I was just going to say It's me again and this is a first for me blogging two days in a row....

My friend at work has just become a Grandmother, a lovely little boy called Oliver. Shes's not been able to take the smile off her face yet, and she thinks it's great to have joined the best club in the world.. She's got a lovely photo on her mobile phone which she's enjoying showing everyone and anyone.

I wanted to make her a card as most of my friwnds have had girls and it was nice to do something blue for a change.....

The stamp belongs to one of my favourite sisters (you know which one you are) and it's such a lovely image. Oooooh er... ,i've just noticed it's wrong way round.... but as you can see it's a lovely image.... I've just added some lovely flowers and pins and a ribbon all of which can be bought from my favourite place The Craft den except the fancy pin head with blue beads, the pin is from hobby house and the beads from the new bead shop on Leopold Street.
Hope to see everyone later at scrapbooking class, Lotsalove xoxo Ann

Me again

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


It was my 36th wedding anniversary yesterday, and me being me, leaving the card making to the last minute, so had a bit of a rush job, but I thought as I haven't blogged for oooh er can't even remember how long,I'd like to share it with you... who else can I share my hobby with except some very good friends I've made at craft den.. I've had this Sarah Kay stamp for ages and not got around to using it, so thought it would make a cute little card, as Ivan and me met when we were both 15 I thought this image would fit the theme as childhood sweethearts....

Anyhow he loved it so a job well done eh. It was taken on my mobile so it's not the best photo.

I wrote a poem for Ivan a couple of years back, which i usually put inside, just to give him a reminder of the way I feel about him, and.... if I share it with you, it will fill some space on my new post.... here goes....

I was a young girl of 15 when we first met
And you stole my heart away
Over the years that we've been together
I've loved you more with each passing day
Childhood sweethearts but still we knew
We'd be together our whole lives through

You said you'd be mine forever and that in my heart I hold dear
What started out as puppy love has grown stronger year by year

The path of love doesn't always run smooth
And at times that has been true
But we've weathered the storms and just like the sun
Our love has always shone through

So each Anniversary I'd like you to know
You've given me the best years of my life
For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart
My love to you from your devoted wife

Oh dear it's enough to get the old sick bucket out ............ but I suppose he must mean a great deal to me as We've stuck together all this time....