Sunday, 28 February 2010

Nearly forgot

I'm still new to blogging and i'm doing this without the aid of a safety net... (my sister Sandra) I noticed she hasn't blogged her birthday cards so i thought i'd let you see the one i made for her..She likes the Miss Anya collection, and I tried out one of my new Martha Stewart punches and although I got this one from qvc , Lynne at Craft den stocks a wide range of these fab punches.. Hoping to see our good friend Ann at the studio this next week.......( if you're feeling up to it), we've all been missing you very much ...

Catching up

Since my last post things have been bit hectic, work seems to have taken up far too much of my time, gets in the way of crafting and enjoying myself, such as going to see Elvis in concert at Sheffield Arena ... WOW he was brilliant, does so well for a guy who's been dead for 32 years, but Elvis lives in my heart, his music is played at our house all the time and in my car, i have a dancing Elvis in my car. I took this picture at the beginninhg of the concert..

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Long time no see

Hello it's the crazy crafter here, it's been a long time since the only post i put on my blogg, but i've got my own personal tutor sat beside me to help... my lovely sister Sandra, it's her birthday today and she's taken time to come round to helpme with this blogging , how nice is that, well here goes............. Here is a card i made for a friend a while ago and sndra is going to show me how to put this on my blogg....