Wednesday, 11 August 2010


It was my 36th wedding anniversary yesterday, and me being me, leaving the card making to the last minute, so had a bit of a rush job, but I thought as I haven't blogged for oooh er can't even remember how long,I'd like to share it with you... who else can I share my hobby with except some very good friends I've made at craft den.. I've had this Sarah Kay stamp for ages and not got around to using it, so thought it would make a cute little card, as Ivan and me met when we were both 15 I thought this image would fit the theme as childhood sweethearts....

Anyhow he loved it so a job well done eh. It was taken on my mobile so it's not the best photo.

I wrote a poem for Ivan a couple of years back, which i usually put inside, just to give him a reminder of the way I feel about him, and.... if I share it with you, it will fill some space on my new post.... here goes....

I was a young girl of 15 when we first met
And you stole my heart away
Over the years that we've been together
I've loved you more with each passing day
Childhood sweethearts but still we knew
We'd be together our whole lives through

You said you'd be mine forever and that in my heart I hold dear
What started out as puppy love has grown stronger year by year

The path of love doesn't always run smooth
And at times that has been true
But we've weathered the storms and just like the sun
Our love has always shone through

So each Anniversary I'd like you to know
You've given me the best years of my life
For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart
My love to you from your devoted wife

Oh dear it's enough to get the old sick bucket out ............ but I suppose he must mean a great deal to me as We've stuck together all this time....


  1. Beautiful card Ann and such a gorgeous verse!! Oh I just love true love!!! Hope to see you this week at the Den Chanelle xx

  2. This is a perfect image for an anni card and such a beautiful verse. See you later Love Lynne xx

  3. Oh wow, what a beautiful poem, really heartfelt and perfect! He is very lucky! love the card. Congratulations on your anniversary, hope you had a lovely day. K x

  4. Gorgeous card Ann it is so sweet and so appropriate. The poem is lovely and really special. Happy Anniversary!
    Love Kerry xxx

  5. Oh that is so lovely. You are a lovely couple and I love you both from the bottom of my heart. Congratulations on 36 years. Love the image, it's perfect. Lots of Love your fave sis. Sandra x