Wednesday, 1 December 2010

And more snow

I've been blog hopping earlier and enjoyed looking at all the pictures you've been posting I thought I'd share a few photo's of our winter wonderland called Norton Lees, although it looks pretty it's all come to a standtill,and ajust listening to weather forcast looks like there's more to come, It's been a long time since we've had snow this bad, I bet Sue wonders where she's moved to,don't worry it's not like this every year, I'm glad I'm not at work, although now my sick note has run out and I'm due back to work Friday, it looks like i'll be walking, hmmmm can't wait.

I sent the old man outside earlier to clear snow away from bird feeders, they were just full of snow, I had to laugh as he went sliding down into the garden, the snow so deep it went over the top of his wellies, wish i'd taken a picture of that.... but at least the birds are able to get some nice seeds.... Ivan is now playing on the wii game of Mario galaxy, if any of you have ever met my hubby he looks a little like Mario, well, a cross between Mario and Manuelle from faulty towers..... it's that moustache that does it...

Anyway to more important things,I've been colouring in images ready for Christmas cards and I've been making a few cards for birthdays, when I can get the photo's off my mobile i'll blog them, my Daughter-in-law on friday and her mum today, hope the postman managed to deliver them ok.... I haven't seen our postie all day.

My new car is playing hide and seek in the snow at the moment,you can just see her as that neighbour passes by, but Ivan managed to get a photo before she disappears altogether..

I think some of the photo's will make some good scrapbook pages...

I hope you are all okay, and that this snow stops soon and we can all get back to that place we all love The Craft Den

Lotsalove Ann xoxox


  1. i am supposed to be working at both places hairdressers closed all week so far first time ever and tesco well im sure they will manage x sue x

  2. Chilly photos, burrrrr, I'm so fed up that I've opened the bar early and am enjoying a delicious glass of white. Anyway, I understand that Sandra asked you and Ivan to go sledging but couldn't repeat what you said.....enjoy the rest of your time off xx

  3. Love the photo's shame you didn't get one of Ivan!!! Not been to work today and sat colouring images too must say I am really pleased with myself!!! Hope to see you soon Love Chanelle xx

  4. Think Ann has got the best idea, opening the bar early. Great Photo's to scrap. Poor Freda. Would have loved to see a photo of Ivan in his wellies. Keep warm, see you soon sis. Love Sandra x

  5. The snow was over the top of my boots when we wnet out earlier. Ann has deffo got the best idea. Thanks for sharing your pics. Take care and keep warm. See you soon. Love Lynne xx

  6. Blooming heck it is deep up the mama, can just imagine dad going out in it and it coming up to his wellies. He does look like Mario too but more like Manwell hahah...K?

    Love Helen
    PS. Hope this works x