Friday, 12 November 2010

Birthday wishes

Here are the cards I got for my birthday and a picture my Grandson Owen painted for me, This is my third attempt at this post, so hopefully it will work this time. The first picture from left to right cards from Sue, Jill, Sarah and Ann. Second picture again left to right two cards from my sister Sandra and a card from Chanelle, Third picture card from Kerry, all lovely ladies from The Craft den .The fourth picture I'm sure you can tell it's a firework scene, all that lovely coloured glitter, oh dear made my husband cringe, he doesn't like glitter but seeing it's from Owen he propped it up for a photo shoot....

I'm also hoping that the last picture appears on this post as on my last attempt it didn't on the preview . It's a photo of Owen and Dylan on holiday, Dylan 3 on the left and Owen 5 on the right. Well here goes i'm going to attempt uploading these pictures.... fingers crossed... and toes...
Once again Thank you for all the lovely birthday cards, I love them all.... each one is unique and they will be saved along with all my other precious cards, paintings etc....


  1. Oooh er... sucess, managed to get all pics onto post.... Think i'll give myself a gold star... lol... lotsalove xoxox Ann

  2. What gorgeous cards you received Ann, and the photo of your stunning grandsons is fantastic, how lucky you are. Hope you had a good birthday. xx

  3. Two very good looking little boys!!!! and very talented with the beautiful picture!!

    It was lovely to see you at the Den still in one piece as well!!! Love the cards will have to bring mine like you say everyone is so talented.

    Chanelle xx

  4. Great cards sis, there are some very talented people at craft den. What can I say about my Gorgeous great nephew's, they always look so happy. Love them lots. Love Sandra x

  5. super looking little boys look as though they are having a good time lovely cards x sue x

  6. Oops sorry I missed this post somehow. Lovely cards, especially the picture painted by Owen. The are two lovely little bundles aren't they? K x