Monday, 1 November 2010


On the lookout for a new car, I'd like one of these

Oh dear....... It seems like i've lost my beloved green fiesta in a collision with an idiot male driver, still not heard if it's off life support so am assuming it's a gonna...
. At least everyone involved was ok, no injuries to anyone. It was a hair-raising ordeal, and i'm not quite over it yet, in fact i'm a nervous wreck. I've got a hire car, but it's just adding to my nervousness as it's a NEW corsa, although I learnt in a corsa, this one has so many new fangled gadgets I'm still getting used to them all.

I know that some of my lovely friends at Craft Den heard about the accident,and were concerned, so i thought i'd let you all know both my dear sister and me are ok. I just hope i've not put her off going in a car with me, we'll soon see on Wednesday when she phones me to say, (I'll see ya at Craft Den i'm catchin the bus)

Sandra was holding on to my craft box containing my scissors , craft knife, pokey tool, etc. and when we hit the other car with (did I mention it was an idiot MALE driver) the lid of the box flew off and crafting tools went everywhere. Also the small syringe that i use for the silicon glue was just laying on the floor, and with the police attending i suppose i was lucky i wasn't arrested for having drugs in the car, lol. Another lucky thing for me was it was attended by an ex traffic cop, and he was very keen, he soon spotted the other driver (MALE) had bald tyres, and think he gonna get done now for that as well as careless driving. Even though the police at the time said it was clear it wasn't my fault, until it was all sorted, I had to be cautioned, I felt like I was in an episode of The Bill, apparently I had the right to remain silent, Yea right, just try keeping me quiet eh.... Don't all answer that at once.

Well what with work last week, and now this accident, I've not had a good time, so crafting is the best therapy a girl could have, trouble is.... I have to be at work soon so i'm not going to get any crafting done today.....


  1. I'm really pleased that you are both ok Anne, although I told Sandra that delayed shock can set in at any time. I bet the sight in your car with all the crafting tools all over was a sight for sore eyes, lol. Hope you manage to get the car sorted out soon. Ann xx

  2. im sorry about the crash and i am glad you are both ok but you do tell a funny tale.see you wed x sue x

  3. Oh God, that sounds awful. I had to laugh at the crafting tools flying all over the place though, how many people are holding a box of scissors when an idiot male driver crashes into you! Glad to hear you are both OK and hope the shock is wearing off. You were right to get straight back into a car. I had a very bad crash not long after I passed my test and my mum was very brave and handed me the keys when the car came back (thanks mum, seeing as it was my fault, lol). K x

  4. We (Craft Den gang) were all so very pleased to hear you were both OK. I can just imagine what it looked like with the tools all over the car. Glad you can see the funny side. Love the new car pic, have you already placed your order? :-)Take care Ann see you Wednesday night. Love and hugs Lynne xx

  5. I trust you with my life sis. It's not your fault men can't drive. Love the pic of the new car you want, if only. See you wednesday sis to go to our favorite place. Love sandra x